March 9, 2012

mic check 1,2, 1,2

 We're M.M FAT and we're here to bake
Cakes like ours could never be stopped
See, there's two of us and I know we're fresh
Party Rockers, non-stoppers and our names are def...

I'm kidding!  (But wait there's more, just humor me)

See, the M is Mel, the other for Mitsy
The 'F' is fresh, 'A' and 'T' tough
Behind the aprons is DJ Train (?)
Mixin' and whiskin' is the name of the game

     Whuuut? That doesn't even make sense.  Nevermind.  
Buuuut, if you're here, I thought there should be a proper intro post rather than just a bunch of coded inside jokes between my best friend/co-blogger Mallory and I. Which we might resort back into if only our boys and parents follow this blog.  Case in point, Mallory is really Melanie.  Melanie gets shit done.  Mallory wants to hang out in pajamas all day and think about stuff we should be doing. I'll refer to her accordingly.  

     She's been my best friend since freshman year and is essentially a back up harddrive of my memories.  High school is thee best time to make a lifelong friend because together you transform from awkward quinceaƱera (remind me to upload the picture of her in my quince court garbed up in her sharks teal) to awkward young adult to old shrew.  Yet! You still like and laugh at the same old shit- it's great.  You're probably wondering, why is this Mitsy friends with this sMelanie girl. She seems stank.  The Mitsy one obviously carries the team.  Wrong! Melanie is the only one with real cookery skillz.  She does her thing as Little Miss Cuppy Cake baking out of cowtown Salida, California.  Hit up her facebook to your left to place orders or just to talk, she doesn't have very many friends. :)   I don't even really  bake.  My shit is straight out the box everytime.  BUT I have ideas, and  implement the creative stuff- I like decorating thangs.  You see I draw and paint pictures,  We're a long distance friendship so we can't always get together to bake & craft, we'd probably be unstoppable if we both lived in San Jo.

Here is some of the shit we've done together.   We even made it onto Bakerella's pop stars  with some of these cake pops.