April 24, 2012

birthdays, were the worst best days

Dark chocolate salted caramel cake.
(Contact us if you'd like the ingredientsES, as Teresa Giudice would say)


April 1, 2012

allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is...

      Doughface Killah, that's my (Mitsy) stage  baking name.  And these are some of my confections, as you can see I play to my strenfs, the creative and thee ridiculous.  Some of these have also  made it onto Bakerella's pop stars, click the links. 

Corndog pops

Wu-kies- Wutang shaped sugar cookies and my homemade cookie cutter

Hostess cupcake knock-offs, valentine edition

Sweet lil heart shaped sprinkle valentine cake

Dodgers foam finger pops.